In Harmony With Your Life

Blue Light Technology

Refrigerators: Blue Light Technology

At Blomberg, we believe in refrigerators that prioritise the longevity of your food's freshness. Whether you're delaying testing out that new vegetarian recipe, or swapping a home-cooked dinner for another meal out, our Blue Light technology continues the natural process of photosynthesis in the crisper drawer to ensure your fruit and vegetables stay fresh and juicy long after they're bought. This eco-friendly innovation not only reduces unnecessary food wastage, but will also save you several trips to the greengrocers.

Large Capacity

Washing Machines: Large Capacity

Designed to simplify and streamline your life, our washing machines have been built with larger drums to take some of the weight off your daily laundry routine. With models ranging from 8kg all the way up to a generous 11kg, our large capacity appliances make it possible to empty your laundry basket in a single cycle.

Faster Dry

Tumble Dryers: Faster Dry

These heat pump tumble dryers dry your clothes faster and more efficiently than a condenser or vented tumble dryer.

We understand that time is precious and appreciate that keeping your household utility bills low is often difficult. By focusing on creating a comfortable balance between fast drying cycles and an economical use of energy, our tumble dryers with Faster Dry technology give you the best of both worlds.

With a range of energy efficient cycles to choose from, this technology gives you the flexibility your active lifestyle deserves.


Dishwasher: Powerwash

Trust and quality are at the centre of Blomberg’s ethos. We want to make relying on your dishwasher to provide an excellent clean second nature, even when tackling your dirtiest dinnerware – so we developed Powerwash technology.

The combination of high water pressure and an additional spraying arm at the bottom of the appliance work together to create an intensive wash zone in the bottom basket, eradicating stubborn stains from even your dirtiest frying pans.

Pyrolytic Self-cleaning

Pyrolytic Self-cleaning Ovens

When it comes to heavy-duty cleaning, Blomberg continues to develop intelligent solutions that bring simplicity and harmony to your life at home. True to our word, our pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens can be programmed to do all the hard work for you, heating up to intense 480°C to burn off even the most stubborn grease and dirt. The residue can be easily wiped away at the end of the cleaning cycle, leaving you with an oven that’s impeccably clean, with scarcely any effort from you.